Deciphering Your Land Rover Dashboard Lights


We’ve all been in the same position: you turn on your new 2018 Land Rover Discovery, and you see several lights flash on the dashboard as the vehicle starts up. Then, unfortunately, one or more of the warning lights remain on.

Here at Land Rover Orlando, we want our Florida Range Rover drivers in the Orlando, FL area to feel confident and safe in their vehicles. That’s why we’re providing a quick guide on dashboard lights, which ones to look out for, and how to tell what’s important.

The easiest way to determine the severity level of a dashboard light is by color. Blue, green, and white lights are informational. Yellow dash lights are more serious and need to be paid attention to. A common one is the seatbelt indicator. This yellow light, depicting a person with a seatbelt, will come on if you’re not buckled up. To further remind you and your passengers to buckle up, your Land Rover SUV will provide additional alerts.

Another essential light is the airbag indicator. Shown as a person and a deployed airbag, this light tells you that there’s a malfunction with the airbags or sensor, meaning they might not deploy in a crash.

Your Land Rover Range Rover in Orlando, FL has several brake indicator lights, and each one is important. The various lights mean that there’s an issue with your brakes ranging from low brake fluid to your antilock braking system malfunctioning. If you notice any brake lights come on, check your owner's manual immediately and take the necessary steps.

Land Rover SUVs offer many amazing features that allow you to customize the way you’re driving based on where you are. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with which lights mean there’s a problem and when you should tend to them. If you do need Florida Land Rover service in Orlando. We look forward to working with you soon!

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