How to Find the Best Seating Position

There’s no denying that a Land Rover SUV is immensely comfortable. Models like the 2019 Range Rover Sport not only provide a high level of luxury that you won’t find anywhere else; they also offer incredible comfort due to their ability to traverse a variety of terrains. However, Land Rover automakers are always at the forefront of vehicle technology in an effort to better our driving experiences.

Now, it seems they’ve cracked the code when it comes to the ideal seating position, which is no small feat. When it comes seating position, everyone differs, and everyone believes they have it right. For a long time it seemed there was no correct answer. Now there is.

Jaguar Land Rover even published a short video on how to find the best seating position. The advice comes from the automaker’s chief medical officer Dr. Steve Iley.

So, why is the proper seating position important? On the surface, it improves overall comfort on both short trips around the Orlando, FL area and especially on longer trips. However, there are other practical reasons to find the right seating position. When properly seated, you’ll have an increased chance of remaining in control in an accident. Furthermore, you’re more likely to stay alert when properly seated and be able to see your surroundings better.

The tips for finding the right seating position are reasonably straightforward. First, remove everything from your pockets; sitting on items like a wallet negatively impact your sitting position. You then want to ensure that your back is straight and thighs parallel. Next, ensure that there’s a little bend in your knees even when the pedals are fully depressed. Finally, you’ll want to adjust the headrest for optimum support.

Here at Land Rover Orlando, we’re taking the time to adjust our seats and hope that you do the same. If you need any Land Rover service, be sure to visit us at our Orlando Land Rover dealership today.

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