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While we're happy to help you shop for a new vehicle at Land Rover Orlando, we’re just as happy when you trust us with your automotive service questions. One question we’re asked often is why routine car maintenance is so important. 


Importance of Vehicle Maintenance


When you make a service appointment at our Land Rover service center, we’ll explain why regular maintenance is so crucial. Following your routine maintenance schedule will extend your automobile’s working life and preserve its resale value. It will also prevent small issues from becoming larger problems that are more costly to repair. 


Land Rover Maintenance Checklist

  • Detailing. Having your car detailed regularly can protect the interior and exterior from incurring wear and tear.  
  • Lights. If your lights are out, you should pick up new ones at our Land Rover parts center. That way, you'll be able to see clearly when it’s dark or raining. 
  • Tires. To keep your tires in good shape, you should routinely check their air pressure and make any necessary adjustments. 
  • Check engine light. If this light is illuminated, you should bring your car to our Land Rover dealership as soon as possible.  
  • Fluids. Make a point to top off your car’s fluids regularly and change them in accordance with your routine maintenance schedule. 
  • Brakes. Keeping your brakes in good condition can make all the difference in the world, so don’t neglect them under any circumstances. 

Want to learn more about vehicle maintenance or other types of service to add to your checklist? If so, head over to Land Rover Orlando to talk to our automotive experts today! 

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